Saturday, July 7, 2007


Yo. Welcome to Teen Lit IMHO (In My Honest--not Humble--Opinion). The primary purpose of this blog is to fulfill a project assignment for my Adv. Lit. for YA course at TWU in which I was instructed to read and write a blog about ten YA titles (most of which come from a reading list). However, because I LOVE YA lit(in fact, I've pretty much given up regular Adult Lit because the authors tend to sacrifice the story in the interest of sounding "literary" and they usually get in their own way) I'm hoping this blog will be something I continue even when the course is over. I try to read several books a week, but I get SO into the books that it's easy for me to forget what happened in which one. SOOOOO, blogging it will not only give me a record of what I've read, but will also remind me of what the books were about and what I liked/disliked about them.

SPOILER WARNING: Because I want the book summaries to be as complete as possible, I will tell the endings of most of the books,so if you start reading it and feel you're getting too much, skip ahead to the "reaction" section where I give you my honest opinion.

ALSO, because IMHO, blogging is a personal experience, I will often (in fact, MOST of the time) give a personal reaction to the books I read. I am on the road to becoming a YA Librarian and IMHO, the best ways to serve my young patronage is to 1) read as many books as possible and 2) to do my best to relate to the material--in other words, to take a trip back to my own adolescence and think about how the book would have affected me or how the book reminds me now, as an adult, of the experiences I had back then. So, while this blog may exist as homework, it will be executed also as a personal journey--why else would I call it In My Honest Opinion.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the read (or at least see certain books/topics/issues in a new light, maybe). Peace.

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