Sunday, July 8, 2007

YA Lit Blog: The Goddess Librarian

The Goddess Librarian is a blog constructed and maintained by a Young Adult Librarian from New York whose real name isn’t published. According to her Myspace page, she has a Master’s degree in Library Science from SUNY College at Albany (1998) and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from SUNY College at Geneseo (1997). Her blog includes links to other blogs (including blogs maintained by actual YA authors—YAY!), to her personal home page, her Myspace page, other teen book review sites and “top ten books.”

I like her blog because she seems to read a wide variety of YA literature and she doesn’t seem afraid to give good, reflective critiques—even letting herself be negative when applicable. I think this takes bravery. My only criticism is that she doesn’t post very often. However, she mentions that she is a working mom—and I can SO relate!

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